Super Junior’s Heechul injured by fan at “Super Show 3 in Shanghai” concert

On March 5th, Super Junior held their “Super Show 3” concert in Shanghai, but unfortunately, they were exposed to another incident where a member was injured by a fan.

Last time, member Yesung was hit by a projectile as he was crossing the stage; this time, it was Heechul who got hurt, as a fan’s placard hit him in the face while he was in the midst of performing.

After being hit, Heechul was forced to briefly pause and cover his face, but eventually walked off stage without being able to lift his face. There were reports that he suffered a cut to his eye, but both Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and miss A’s Jia assured fans that he was okay.

Sangchu tweeted, “Super Junior fans! I just got off the phone with Heechul and he said not to worry, it’s a bit manly to have at least one cut on his face. He may say that, but I think he’s upset and having a difficult time… Please don’t throw anything on stage! Heechul’s Twitter said not to.”


Please, please, (and we can’t say this enough), PLEASE respect your idols and do not throw items at them while they’re on stage. They’re not animals at the zoo.

Tip: Haley
Source: @SANGCHUKANGCHU ; Image: Star News
Posted by VITALSIGN @ Allkpop
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6 Responses to “Super Junior’s Heechul injured by fan at “Super Show 3 in Shanghai” concert”
  1. clarechul says:

    AAAAhhh, my HEEHEE , I hope it won’t leave a single scar. All your petals are looking forward to yor fast recovery Oppa. I’m sur that fan does’nt mean it. We all love you Oppa. (^@^)

  2. krjplover says:

    oh god!!! heechul oppa, kwaenchana?

  3. Tinah says:

    omg! how could you be so stupid! you wouldnt want things thrown at you then why throw things at your idols! the people you love SERIOUSLY! you could see that the other suju members were really upset after that hell disappointed~

  4. jessa says:

    stupid fan in singapore (sorry)
    pabo! pabo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…!!!
    heechul oppa!~~

  5. Aimi says:

    That is just so rude of fans to throw things on them, while they are performing, I hope Heechul’s alright now.

  6. shibbi says:

    GAHHH i am so pissed :( idiots who do that
    i would understand if you didn’t know it hurts them, but this has happened SO MANY TIMES before, you just don’t learn… why can’t you just watch them frolic happily on stage?!

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