Leeteuk gave his shirt to a certain fan at SS3 Manila!

It was the dark gray BOYS IN CITY by SPAO shirt ^^

Teukie wearing it: (the sleeves were cut off)

At 3:00 in this fancam you can see Leeteuk gesturing to the fans to move aside and gesturing to a certain fan in the crowd. Then he tosses his Boys in City tee but it falls shortand then Teuk bows at the fans then runs backstage.

video credits to merylsuki@youtube.com / wiwyl@sj-world.com

The fan he was trying to give it to was this one:


From ef16 on Tumblr:

Leeteuk wanted this lady to have his shirt. Unfortunately when he threw his shirt it came short and fell over me. I handed it to this lady and begged her to not give the shirt to anyone else. I then asked to take a picture of her with the BIC shirt of Teuk. <3

@special1004 i hope you can read this! <3

SOURCE: http://ef16.tumblr.com/post/3543502826/leeteuk-wanted-this-lady-to-have-his-shirt

Personally, I’ve always liked the Super Junior x SPAO shirts and now I’d definitely consider finding a way to get this one!


One Response to “Leeteuk gave his shirt to a certain fan at SS3 Manila!”
  1. how can i buy this shirt?

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