Super Show 3: The Most Exciting

Super Junior held their official concert on 29 and 30 January at Singapore Indoor Stadium, letting the Singaporean audience catch a glimpse of their charm onstage. This also allowed the fans and idols to interact at a very close distance. Now let us review the most exciting moments of Super Show 3.

Report: Xu Mei Zhu
Photography: Chen Jia Yu (Student Photographer)

The most attention grabbing: Heechul

At the press conference, Heechul was the only member in Super Junior wearing a pair of sunglasses. During photo taking, Heechul definitely stood out by deliberately choosing to pose in a different manner from the other members. In the concert, he played a coquettish Lady Gaga, wearing red heels. He revealed his long and beautiful legs, making the females in the audience sigh. How could his legs be prettier than those of females!

Those who often watch Super Junior on television programs would know that the members like to play and joke around. When one reporter asked Heechul why he played Lady Gaga, he did not wait for the translator and reached for the microphone to reply. With the sentence “I’m genius”, Heechul showed that he did not need to rely on the translator to understand the reporter’s question. This caused the media present to laugh loudly.

During encore for the concert, a fan took out a big red flag, with the word “希” (part of Heechul’s Chinese name) printed on it. Heechul was very excited and took the flag from the fan’s hands and ran around the entire stage with much pride.

The most moving: Kyuhyun, Yesung

Kyuhyun sang “New Endless Love” during his solo segment. He was admirable as despite being a Korean, he managed to sing the Chinese lyrics of the song accurately. Moreover, when Yesung performed his version of the title song “It Has to Be You” for “Cinderella’s Sister”, all the fans sang along with him, making Yesung extremely happy. Both their deep voices were very appealing, worthy of being the main vocals.

The one with the most antics: Leeteuk

Leeteuk is indeed the leader of Super Junior. Not only is he eloquent, he is also capable of different antics to please others. When asked about the challenges of wearing heels while dressing up as a woman, Leeteuk joked that his members often placed insoles into their shoes and that it was just like heels. He displayed a sense of humor while openly admitting to their modified heights.

One segment of the concert includes the members dressing up in clothes from other countries and the last to appear was the “rich Dubai businessman” Leeteuk. Other than offering water and towels to the fans, he pretended to be the God of Wealth in line with festivities. He shouted “Do you want money” as he threw red packets. During the “Bonamana” performance, he did not forget to remove half his jacket to reveal his shoulders, electrifying the fans and making them feel faint. After the second concert ended, Leeteuk even took off his shirt and threw it to fans.

The one most likely to cause nose bleeds: Siwon

Leeteuk, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae have all revealed their chest, abdomen and back during the concert. However, the most impressive body belongs to Siwon and he was very willing to reveal his solid muscles during the concert, allowing the fans feast their eyes. Although the muscles of the other members are not bad, Siwon is still the the most easygoing member. He removed his shirt for both concerts and showed his V-shaped upper body and six packs to the honored guests, causing the audience to scream.

The most caring: Leeteuk, Sungmin

When Super Junior first came here in June last year for a press conference, Siwon went down the stage to pass the microphone to a reporter who wanted to ask a question. This time for the press conference, as the workers could not find an extra microphone, it was Leeteuk’s turn to walk down and pass the microphone to a reporter. His actions were very caring and kind.

Although the members often interact with the fans, Heechul, Donghae and other members also take photographs of themselves using fans’ cameras. However, the one that left the deepest impression was Sungmin. Other than squatting down to pose for the cameras of fans in the mosh pit, he also constantly had a kind smile on his face, letting others feel good.

The most playful: Siwon, Shindong.

The close relationship between the members naturally includes mischievous pranks. When the second concert was about to have an encore, the members used water bottles to spray water at the fans. Siwon poured the water on the stage and pretended to fall, hoping that the other members would accidentally slip and fall on that part of the stage. Also, he would suddenly sneak attacks on the other members while performing and even try to hug or kiss them. This set the audience’s hearts aflutter. While dressed as a fat version of Beyonce, Shindong suddenly lifted Eunhyuk’s miniskirt, causing Eunhyuk to frantically pull his skirt down, before anything was exposed.

The most multi-talented: Sungmin

One moment he’s hanging from a wire, “spewing” smoke from both hands; another moment he’s with Leeteuk, sprinkling confetti while riding on blue balloons in midair; one moment he’s the guitar accompanist for Ryeowook’s solo; and another moment he’s dancing passionately with female dancers and revealing his chest during his solo segment. The normally gentle and quiet Sungmin is extremely busy during the concert, impressing the audience with his different talents.

The one with the most “fluent” English: Donghae

When Siwon, the most fluent in English in the group, said that they would be releasing their new album soon, Donghae immediately responded in English, “4 years later?” causing the fans to be stunned and disappointed. Donghae then comically waved and appeased everyone, “Just Kidding!”

After the concert for the second night ended and all the other members had said their goodbyes and left for backstage, Donghae stood on the stage alone and jokingly spoke in not so standard English, “Give me the music, I am solo this time”. He then quickly ran off the stage, letting the concert end on a perfect note with laughter.

Source: Zao Bao (Dou Hao), A Singapore newspaper
Translated by ≈ tiηg♡ @

Taken from: icepluscoffee

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