Super Junior’s Flight Information for SS3 Bangkok!

[Flight for SS3 BKK]
110114 LT,HC,YS,SD,EH,RW,KH is OZ743
Departure from Seoul/Incheon on 20.10 PM. Arrival to Bangkok on 00.05 AM.[Flight for SS3 BKK]
110115 DH,SW,SM is TG659
Departure from Seoul/Incheon on 10.05 AM. Arrival to Bangkok on 14.00 PM.


[Flight Back to Korea]
110117 LT,HC,YS,SD,SM,SW,RW,KH is OZ7423**
Departure from Bangkok on 00.25 AM.** Arrival to Seoul/Incheon on 07.00 AM.**

[Flight Back to Korea]
110119 DongHae,EunHyuk is KE660
Departure from Bangkok on 02.30 AM. Arrival to Seoul/Incheon on 09.40 AM.

Eunhyuk and Donghae are going back to Seoul on the 19th because they have to stay for KPop Idol filming in Pattaya between 17 and 19 Jan, 2011 =)




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One Response to “Super Junior’s Flight Information for SS3 Bangkok!”
  1. josephine says:

    what time will they be reaching singapore’s airport?i realy want to know their flight time that day.Hope to see your reply soon!thanks(:

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