Super Junior became the emperor of Asia, took No.1 Song of the Year in Thailand

Super Junior became the emperor of Asia.

Thailand’s popularity music program recently published a popularity song list for the year of 2010. Under the Asia category (,) Super Junior took the 1st position with . conquered the 10th position, (and) took the 13th position, having a whooping of 3 songs under the Top 20 in the popularity list.

Super Junior first visited Thailand through the “5th Pattaya Music Festival” in 18th September 2006. At that time (,) the airport reached the extent of broken glasses, many fans and reporters were fenced up, (and) their popularity were felt by all. Now that they have debuted for 4 years, they are now (,) the largest popularity Hallyu star in Thailand.

Not only in Thailand, Super Junior too (,) took the 2nd position with , 8th position with , and 13th position with in the Philippines largest music charts <2010 MYX Hit Chart>. Also, and which swept through the Taiwan popularity music chart KBOX, remained as the 1st position for a total of 29 weeks, gaining an explosive reaction across Asia.

Super Junior will be holding their in the coming 29th January at the Singapore Indoors Stadium, with their popularity in Asia continuing to be on the rise

Original Source: sports.chosun
Source: sj-world
Chinese translation: Natalis @
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET


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