[UPDATED W/ HQ PICS + FANCAMS] Henry Bieber performs “Baby” at SS3 Guangzhou

Henry Lau just performed Justin Bieber’s “Baby” for his solo performance at SS3 Guangzhou on December 25 (MERRY CHRISTMAS ELFs!)

StringswHenry: #SS3Guangzhou Cr: 百度李东海吧&ELFISH.cc 19:51 Henrysolo,Justin bieber’s baby><,wearing red coat and a cap, on piano.

StringswHenry: #SS3Guangzhou During ending,the members copied Henry singing Baby Baby.Henry asked if the concert was nice,thanked everyone for watching the concert even though it was cold.He said he is very happy to spend the Christmas with SJ and so many fans.Sang Christmas songs.Zhou Mi spoke in Cantonese. Cr:_上官晓白_@SINA Weibo


CR: ruruko666


Credits: my_eunhyuk@tudou
Reup by StringswithHenry


credit: sjmthanks.com |Photo by: YOYO
Reuploaded/Shared by: Haziqah @ sjcouples

Earlier fanpics c/o @StringswHenry & Cr: 賢家熊寳爱傻赫_妍 SINA Weibo/cyanyellow SINA Weibo/SK_Hyuk/moonKey@SINA/允允允允允允允允寶 SINA Weibo

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