SS3 Malaysia Organizer Updates

UPDATE (2/9/11):




  • Preselling of tickets was postponed by Redstar from September 2010 to a future date (still unknown when exactly)


  • REDSTAR_KINOMN tweeted:

SS3 Malaysia – SME has given rights to other organiser to run SS3 for Malaysia next year. Please wait for their announcement. and we apologise for keeping fans waiting for the news. The last minute changes in the event were inevitable. I am sorry. and Thanks.

Based on the comments on RedStar Presents FB Page:

  • SS3 Malaysia will most likely still be on the same date and venue, but ticket prices and date of preselling may change due to organizer change
  • It has still not been announced who the new organizers are
  • Rumors are floating around that SME gave the rights to a different company because Redstar organized the JYJ in Malaysia.
15 Responses to “SS3 Malaysia Organizer Updates”
  1. aprilya says:

    so, it means SM didn’t cancelled ss3 in Malaysia?
    and whose the new promoter?
    when can i buy the ticket?

  2. says:

    pls222 tell me SS3 Malaysia won’t be cancelled!! pls visit my page and give some support, it’s abt ensuring SS3 in Malaysia!! thank kyu ^^

  3. hulchan says:

    i really anxious about SS3 Malaysia so much:(
    many friends said SS3 won’t be held in Malaysia
    i dont know it true or not!?:(
    plzzz tell me any info about SS3 Malaysia, plzzzzz tell me a little about this, thanks u very much

    • qiskyu264 says:

      i know~~
      i hope they wont cancel it.. really…!!
      i really wanna go lyk lastime!!
      lets pray okayy~ :)

  4. dilaahaha says:

    is there any updated news of SS3 Malaysia ????

  5. Shazerl says:

    It’s daunting to think that SS3 might not happen in KL, I’m sooooooo looking forward to see them again after SS2. SMent oughta resolve the “technicality” asap, so fans are not left wondering and worrying T_T

  6. amelooo says:

    where can i buy tickets by online?

  7. makememe says:

    i hope they’re going to tell the price of the tixx. at least it spares me from heart attacks, last minutes and those “SS3 is canceled” thingy. let’s pray for the best. :).

  8. Diana Iziany says:

    I’ve been waiting for 3 months!
    And they haven’t announced the preselling date?
    I’m going nuts right here

  9. arejazz says:

    pliz tell me when i can buy the ticket…huhu

  10. sol says:

    can I know when the ticket will start to sell?

  11. Sofea says:

    the new organizer is RITS, they will give an announcement about tickets after CNY… you can find them on FB with the name ‘Running Into The Sun’ … the date is 19th march, it is comfirmed…

  12. siti sarah says:

    can i ask sumthing?ss3 at malaysia in 26.3 or 19.3?plez!!i really hope it 26.3,i really want to celebrate my burfday with them!!

  13. Sofea says:

    @siti sarah – the date has already been comfirmed, it is on 19th March…

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