Super Show 3 SG most expensive $ 208 ticket starting next month

Singapore’s long-awaited Super Junior Concert “Super Show 3″, from November 20 onwards tickets, tickets rare, only about 5000!

Since the organizers Running Into The Sun (RITS, Fly Entertainment subsidiary) in August announced that South Korea-day group Super Junior (SJ) on January 29 next year, will be held for the first time to a new large-scale concert “Super Show 3″, the local fan excitement is difficult to restrain, can not wait to know ticket details.

RITS today officially announced that the concert tickets will be on sale November 20, tickets are very rare, only about 5,000 sheets. Concert with the other difference is that the fare is only $ 208 and $ 158 divided into two categories (excluding the $ 3 administrative fee.)

Like a 3D movie making

“Super Show 3″ at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, the stage will be local unprecedented scale, no matter which corner of the sitting, clever design of the four sets, can shock the audience to enjoy the same vision.

Has a unique double round underground passage stage, is bound to bring a series of surprises, let SJ wire can leap with the central hall. A lot of stage equipment are directly from Seoul (the first tour location) flown.

RITS creative director Xie Min (Beatrice Chia-Richmond) said: “This concert will close in accordance with the mode of Seoul, Seoul concert watched people will know that it’s made like a 3D movie, the members will be unexpected local performance. “

Translated & shared by Haziqah @ sjcouples
Reposted by supershow3.wordpress.c0m


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