Updates about SS3 Manila Ticketing Events and Sponsors

Ticketing Events for SS3 Manila have been moved to DECEMBER 2010.

The organizers are having some problems getting sponsors so please do promote and support SS3 Manila.

From Ms. Happee Sy’s (of PULP Live Productions) Facebook Page:

Posted on October 12:

Sorry guys, ticketing events are going to postponed and moved to December due to sponsorship issues. :( will update once dates are finalized.. sorry :(

Posted on October 16, 2010 at around 1PM:

If all people in my page would watch ss3, then with our without sponsors.. i think we’ll survive.. barely.. but will survive.. :) please help me spread the word.. and lets prove to everyone that THERE ARE lots of Elfs..

On October 7:

For all those who keeps asking: Yes, SS3 Manila is on Feb. 26, 2011. Not Shanghai. Shanghai is around March. Schedules are fixed and there are no changes. Do not believe rumors. thanks :)


2 Responses to “Updates about SS3 Manila Ticketing Events and Sponsors”
  1. christine says:

    im so sad when i heard this news. i want to go to their concert because i wasnt able to go in ss2.for me they are very famous even my little brother is only 2yrs old he always singing and dancing sorry sorry. he also know no other and i laugh everytime when he say bonana instead of bonamana.so pls dont pospone their concert in manila,they have so many fans here

  2. lester says:

    but,why not in feb,27 ss3 in manila?

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